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Kishi Bashi – 151a

I got in an argument once about the meaning of ten. It was the kind of argument where I had to call the person the next day and apologize for myself, one where the beliefs were so deeply held and … Continue reading

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ReAddicted: Massive Attack – Protection

Some albums get under your skin and stay there; these are the ones that years later we still can’t stop loving, even if we just remembered why. Protection was a bit of a disappointment. Considering the brilliance of Massive Attack’s debut Blue Lines, and … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Playlist

What are you doing tonight? Do you have some special plans? Some special love related plans? Let’s not fool ourselves, you guys are doin’ it tonight aren’t you? Everyone should be involved in some kind of sexy time activity this … Continue reading

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Justice- Audio, Video, Disco

  Prog rock and stadium-ready sounds have always been a part of Justice. Hell, Gaspard Auge has worn his love of Yes on his belt buckle since day one. It’s not surprising then, that they would release a record filled to the brim … Continue reading

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Foundations: Heartbreaker

It may surprise some of you, but we at The Wild Honey Pie weren’t born with spectacular taste. Taste, especially for music nerds, is a slow Lincoln Logs like journey with artists and albums laying the foundation for the snarky … Continue reading

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Red and Blue: A Bipartisan Election Playlist

Well, the mid-terms happened and we Americans have come out to prove that we cannot make up our minds to save our lives. This week, I humbly submit to you a bipartisan playlist: ten songs for the Republican victors and … Continue reading

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What’s Up with the Ladies- 2 Broke Girls Edition

2 BROKE GIRLS has a whole lot of problems: it isn’t very funny, it appears to think that Brooklyn is Times Square in the 1970’s, it thinks that if you say hipster enough they will like you, it is more … Continue reading

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