Christopher Paul Stelling’s Daytroter Sessions Posted

The moment that you press play on the first track of Christopher Paul Stelling’s Daytrotter recordings, you will be hooked. The first clear, aching note of that acoustic guitar will cut through you, and you will be left with your mouth agape. The songs that comprise the sessions are some of the most sincere and touching songs I have heard in a good, long while. The simultaneously melodic and rhythmic picking of his guitar immediately brought to mind the frenetic playing of John Fahey, and his urgent voice and lush songwriting easily gives way to compressions of other folk greats. Stelling’s music is unblinkingly honest, it’s clear and brisk, it’s moving. This is the kind of music that is really listened to — listened to alone, wrapped in a blanket, staring at the wall. The kind of music that you can really be immersed in. Christopher Paul Stelling’s sessions are available for download on the Daytrotter site with a beautiful, poetic description of his music.

From The Wild Honey Piw, 2/4/2011:


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