Sasquatch 2011 Festival Guide

I have a confession to make. I’ve never been to a proper festival. Not the kind that gets covered by all the big blogs and newspapers, not the kind where people from all over the country drop everything to go, and certainly not the kind where you camp out for four days. Soon, though, my festival cherry will be popped by the prom king of music festivals, Sasquatch! I’m so excited, I think I may actually punch someone! I’ve been told time and time again that Sasquatch is one of the best fests in the US. It’s been touted as being the best run, having the best line ups, and perfecting the combination of The Gorge’s beauty with the ethereal music experience. In order to adequately prepare my fragile psyche for the awesomeness that will likely befall me, I have compiled a list of the sets that I am most looking forward to.

I’ll be tweeting all my foolishness, so feel free to (and please do) follow me (@missangst) for daily updates and hilarious pictures.

Friday- May 27

5:45pm – Bob Mould – Sasquatch Main Stage Basically, I’m seeing Bob Mould out of respect for Husker Du. Also, the vast majority of his solo stuff is killer too.

8:00pm – Death From Above 1979 – Sasquatch Main Stage Ok, I’m sorry, you are all going to have to wait for a moment while I try and stop hyperventilating. I fucking love You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, and I never got to see the band before they split! I don’t even care if this show is good, I’m just happy I get to see it.

9:30pm – Foo Fighters – Sasquatch Main Stage Dave Grohl was my first dirty rocker crush at the tender ago of, like, eight. I owe it to pre-pubescent Hannah to see them.

12:15pm – Pepper Rabbit – Yeti Stage These guys have been a favorite of The Wild Honey Pie for a while, and I am excited to see them in a festival setting. Atmospheric lo-fi always has a place outdoors.

2:30pm – Tig Natero – Banana Shack In addition to being a music nerd, I’m also a comedy nerd (really, I’m just a nerd nerd), and Tig Natero is one of my favorite comics right now. Her “no moleste” joke has had me perpetually in stitches since I first heard it.

Saturday- May 28

3:15pm – Local Natives – Sasquatch Main Stage I’m a sucker for a lot of things, one of which is harmonies. Local Natives’ gorgeous vocals and booming sound will feel right at home at the gorge.

 5:10pm – Jenny and Johnny – Big Foot Stage Though I’ve heard mixed responses to the Jenny and Johnny live show, their laid back songs could be amazing in an outdoor setting, and my massive girl crush on Jenny Lewis will always win out.

5:40pm – Wye Oak – Yeti Stage Another one of The Wild Honey Pie’s favorites these days is playing at sunset, a wonderful time to hear their melodic indie pop. Maybe if we’re really lucky, they’ll play this kick ass cover of Danzig’s “Mother”.

6:20pm – The Antlers – Big Foot Stage The Antlers just released what may well be the best album of the year, and the atmospherics of their sound will mesh beautifully with the outdoor setting. It’s one of the shows I am looking forward to the most!

6:45pm – Iron & Wine – Sasquatch Main Stage A little bit of their mellow and all-together gorgeous music will be the perfect repose before…

7:30pm – Matt & Kim – Big Foot Stage There is really no reason why I would ever miss Matt and Kim’s dance show. I’m not even completely in this for the music, I just want to jump up and down for an hour.

9:00pm – Robyn – Big Foot Stage There is no rest for the electro pop fans at Sasquatch on Saturday. Right after Matt and Kim comes Robyn, whose album Body Talk was far and away one of my favorite records last year. The conniption fit I’m going to have when “Dancing on My Own” is played will be talked about for years to come.

10:10pm – Sleigh Bells – Banana Shack Sometimes, I just like to get my brains blown out of my skull from the noise. Is that so bad?

Sunday- May 29

12:00pm – Smith Westerns – Sasquatch Main Stage Nothing like a little crunchy power pop to start off the morning.

2:00pm – Hari Kondabolu – Banana Shack This is another comic who is absolutely worth taking the time to see. He has been on Jon Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, which is basically the gold standard for “alternative” comedy these days.

3:15pm – Tokyo Police Club – Sasquatch Main Stage Hey! They did a Buzz Session with us that was so much fun, I want to see them again!

5:10pm – City and Colour – Big Foot Stage Have I told you I am a sucker for sensitive men singing folk music yet? Cause I am.

6:45pm – Das Racist – Yeti Stage Give me culturally and politically informed rap with a sense of humor and whimsy, and I will give you all my attention and love. I adore Das Racist, and I’m terribly excited to see them live (finally).

8:00pm – The Flaming Lips – Sasquatch Main Stage I’ve never seen, though I have heard of, the spectacle that is a Flaming Lips show. I want aliens, I want glitter cannons, I want a giant ball and I want them to play “Sponge Bob and Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy.”

10:00pm – Modest Mouse – Sasquatch Main Stage / MSTRKRFT – Yeti Stage I’m not yet sure if my inner 90s indie kid or my desire to jump up and down to some really crunchy beats will win out on this one. I guess it will all depend on my mood and sobriety.

11:00pm – Ratatat – Big Foot Stage If you find me at this show, I will let you see the face that I make whenever I hear the song “Wildcat.”

3:50pm – Guided by Voices – Sasquatch Main Stage Only an idiot wouldn’t see this, and you aren’t an idiot, are you? In all seriousness, GBV is a hugely important, influential band, and also a fuck ton of fun. This is the show I’m most excited to see at Sasquatch. Witnessing Pollard play with GBV will be a truly amazing moment in my young life!

5:10pm – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Sasquatch Main Stage I’ve seen the queen of Nuevo Soul a couple times, and each show is spectacular. The Dap Kings are one of the most talented groups around and Ms. Jones has the stage presence of a giant. For a festival so solidly stocked with indie rock and folk, this tinge of soul will be a welcome change.

5:40pm – Foster the People – Yeti Stage Foster the People have been gaining a steady amount of buzz these past few months. Their groovy, indie pop sound was also one of our favorites at SXSW, so I figure that is as good a reason as any to check them out.

8:00pm – The Decembrists – Sasquatch Main Stage I loved The Decembrists‘ last record, and they always put on a great show (including bringing out a giant whale to eat all the band members).

 9:00pm – Deerhunter – Big Foot Stage I won’t be at this show (explained below), but Deerhunter may be one of the best bands around. While I have never seen them live, their experimental and always enrapturing music would be a lovely end to the four days.

9:30pm – Wilco – Sasquatch Main Stage When push comes to shove, Wilco is my favorite band. No matter what it takes, I will be in the front row, I will be singing along to every word and I will be blissfully happy.

From The Wild Honey Pie, 5/22/2011:


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